Project Description

Follow this YouTube link to see the effects of participation during just one song in a choir for the elderly:

If you are interested in connecting to choirs for the elderly throughout the UK for yourself or someone connected follow this link

Music has so much potential to bring people back in touch with forgotten parts of their lives and self.  This video shows what parts music keeps alive when dementia takes so much and what comfort and joy it brings to all.

This video shows a man with Alzheimers coming to life through singing ‘Quando, Quando, Quando’ in a carpool karaoke with his son, Simon.

This video shows a dementia friendly café and the music that occurs there.

A husband wife team make music through Corona keeping spirits alive:

Do see  Reminiscence Group Guidance for more useful links and ideas on how to incorporate music and singing into Reminiscence Activities.  You will find songs from music halls, films and folk culture to sing with your later in life person on pages 50-53.  Google the lyrics though you will probably find they will remember them!