Project Description

There is nothing more affirming than telling, feeling and talking about your life story in a safe space.

Read the example book below and if your appetite is whetted, scroll right down for more thoughts and look at Pinterest below for  inspiration!

A life story book can be a powerful way to celebrate the individuality of your child not only in the present but in the future too. They may return to it for sustenance. They will be curious when older to find out what they felt, thought, drew, liked, enjoyed and sang!  It can be a fun way for you and your child to spend time together.  The Life Story Pack offers you further help if you want it.

It can also be a sensitive way to broach subjects that you know you need to explore but have not ever found the right time to even begin and somehow the time just keeps passing!  Life story creations offer children the chance to address feelings and memories that they have buried away. These can  haunt them instead coming out as troublesome behaviour either to themselves or others.  The creation process offers children the chance to voice the unsaid and in doing so create distance from the power of unvisited areas.  A new understanding which may change their internal self blaming story, may arise in the company of a parent or somebody  who loves and knows them well.  If you don’t feel comfortable about embarking on this with your child, do seek further support to explore what is stopping you from sharing the complex or disturbing issue or facts in their background.  It is here that therapeutic support could be helpful for yourself or indeed even for your child.  I have enclosed a list of organisations that can put you in touch with counsellors or therapists in the Life Story Pack.  There are also links in this pack to books, websites and organisations of repute that offer further advice on sharing topics that concern you.  You may find this site about bringing up confident children and approaching challenging subjects helpful:

The process of creating a book can lead to a child who feels less burdened by invisible weights and whose overall demeanour is happier.  A sense of relief may be apparent to the whole family.  It does take time, energy and effort but this is an investment worth making in terms of it’s potential to be life enhancing and confidence generating.

Life story work gives you ‘special time’ with your child and you should find ideas  on this website and in the pack which will help you in creating the structure to make a finished product. This product could be an online creation [power point template is good] or a folder where loose leaf pages can be added or removed or a book. This book can be in any form you feel fits for you and your child.  The importance to your child of the finished creation, will show itself over time.  It can be the means by which your child returns to reflect and focus on happenings and achievements.  You may find it has a securing and settling effect on your child in future turbulent times.  It will for a life time be a wonderful way of viewing how your child experienced himself at the time of the creation of the book. Most importantly it is your child’s book so they can find amusement and value in their life whether in the present or looking back as adults.