Project Description

Find someone who does cartoons [as shown below] that illustrate an element of your parent or friend’s life.  Feed your ideas to this person and see what they produce or Do It Yourself!  Check out the ‘Golden Celebration of Life’ booklet below which is Collage and Caption Style and has no need for artistic skill!
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The creation of a memory book CAN contribute to the mental wellbeing and emotional health of a loved one who is down in spirit or isolated in some way.  This is also true for those who suffer from dementia and are not in its later stages.  The clouding and confusion of mind can be intense at times, though experience has taught me that reference to previous deeply laid down feelings and ideas can be made through the arts and conversation.  This may lead to greater appreciation and acceptance of their present day reality.  The aim is to inspire connective bonds between people and to bring back a sense of self that might be receding.

As a family member or friend  you may be in the best position to decide what medium feels right to tap into the part of them that feels alive.  These examples  of art creations have produced enjoyment and humour for the creators and for those they created for.  Your loved one might have been  talented at art themselves but let this go because of the demands of life.  Why not buy them some art materials and encourage them to take it up again?    There might be a class locally or if they are in a home for the elderly an artist could be brought in for group sessions to waken up this ability within.

I hope these examples will trigger ideas though of course they are personal examples.  With cartoons, the ideas can be presented to an artist and with photo montages, no skill with imagery is needed beyond that of assembly and finding appropriate words !  The recipe book idea in the ‘golden celebration of life’ book contains themes in a family, but equally could appeal to any other theme in a person’s life.  The beauty of this approach is that the order does not have to be dutifully chronological, yet it is somehow more than a photo album [which is of course a valuable possession for anyone losing their memory].  All these products illustrate how incidents in life can be brought back to life!